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Rescources used to study the Penn Central Railroad history are listed below:

(All information has been gathered from books, pamphlets, timetables, photos, slides, interviews, other publications, etc., and credit has been given on this page where possible. All gathered information for this website has been worded by the website owner, has been produced for educational purposes only, and no duplications have been made. Most of the rescources can be found at book stores, libraries, museums, collections, trade shows, flea markets, some stores, etc.)

Penn Central Bi-Annual book (R. Reid)
Sampling of Penn Central (J.Taylor)
Penn Central Power (R. Yanosey)
Penn Central Color Guide ( )
PRR Color Guides V1,2,3 (I. Fischer)
NH Color Guide (Horsley, Sweetland)
Penn Central In Color V1,2,3,4 (J. Plant)
Penn Central Passeneger Car Directory (PC Railroad-orig. copies of drawings from PCHS)
Penn Central Freight Car Drawings & Roster (PC Railroad- found on a few websites for educational purposes)
Penn Central PHOTOS from various people and websites found on the internet, in personal collections, publications, etc.
PC Post -originals from the PC Railroad made available to employees back in the day
PC Post (new magazine published by the PCHS for members)
Various PC TT's (PC)

PC Paint Schemes Info

PC Locomotive Info

PC Pictures

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