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Your Question/Message: :   Looking for information on PC train symbols around PA. Any information please email me directly at
Name/nickname :   tigger
Your Question/Message: :   I have been a fan of the Penn Central for years and have just recently purchased one of Walthers Budd passenger cars. I need photos of the Henry Hudson. Please reply if you have any info. Thanks!
Name/nickname :   rojo340
Your Question/Message: :   I too am proud to say I worked for the PC! I was the third generation and sadly the last railroader in our family. 50 years for my grandfather,42 years for my father. Thanks PRR, PC, and CONRAIL I do miss you all!
Name/nickname :   Jeff S
Your Question/Message: :   I am interested in a PC time table for the southern region (the old Big 4 lines). Does anyone have one for sale or trade?
Name/nickname :   DSWUS
Your Question/Message: :   Without question the best years of my life were spent with the PRR and PC. I miss the people and good times.IT is too bad mgmt blew it.
Name/nickname :   John from Texas
Your Question/Message: :   I was born in Harrisburg, but have lived in Texas since 73. My maternal great grandfather worked for PRR until the 50s. This may sound like a Texas tall tale, but Enola Yard was named after my great grandmother. I have begun to model the PC. Glad I found
Name/nickname :   dude349
Your Question/Message: :   i found 3 pics of pc engines from 1971
Name/nickname :   dude349
Your Question/Message: :   hi I used to live in bridgeport,CT. In the 70s we used to watch penn central freights from bpt. to milford, I would like to know if anyone has pics of the area then and now.. I Know i have some pics from then ,I would like to share
Name/nickname :   BILL
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Your Question/Message: :   Hey Chris did you take a photo of that PC coil car you saw in FL?
Name/nickname :   PC-NH S Alcos
Your Question/Message: :   Anyone out there have any photos/slides/images of PC 9600-9800 alco S2/S4 locomotives that were ex-NH? Esepcially those units that still wore the ex-NH paint schemes (1 of the many variations they used), but with PC logos/numbers overtop the NH paint? Eve
Name/nickname :   PC E7B Units
Your Question/Message: :   Anyone have any photos or remember seeing some of the few E7B units PC had in service for a short time? Would like to know if any of these received any PC paint, or at least PC markings overtop the original NYC or PRR paint. Thanks!
Name/nickname :   larry z.
Your Question/Message: :   just a former prr pc conrail employee now retired. i find this very interesting thank you.
Name/nickname :   Pam
Your Question/Message: :   Why did the incompatability of the two merged railroads computer system cause the railroad operations to be paralyzed for many months?
Name/nickname :   Franzisca
Your Question/Message: :   I love to travel, even online and came by your guestbook. Greetings from Germany!
Name/nickname :   Frank
Your Question/Message: :   If anyone has any photos of Maybrook Yard after the yard was closed in 1974 please reply to this message.Thanks!
Name/nickname :   webmstr
Your Question/Message: :   The computer systems caused problems with the merged RRs because they were incompatable-they were set up differerent from each other, like any other incompatable computer systems would have clashed in those days. The systems ran the signals and other impo
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Your Question/Message: :   why are some railroad station called Penn, New Jersey Penn Station, New York Penn Station while Philadelphias railroad station is called the 30th St. Station. Why isnt it called Philadelphias Penn Station?
Name/nickname :   Joe S.
Your Question/Message: :   I am researching P&LE gondolas. My records indicate a series built in 1951, and rebuilt in 1970 by the PC. Car numbers are 14000-14883. Anyone have any other info?
Name/nickname :   Webmaster
Message :   It looks like the Forum-Guestbook only allows a mx. of about 40 or so words. Sorry you all have to split up your posts so much-will look into seeing if we can fix this. Thanks!
Name/nickname :   Z
Message :   and have beeen interested in the "golden days" of rail and what each of the towns must have been like then. Thanks for any feedback.
Name/nickname :   Z
Message :   ..the railroads and traveled five days for either, then New York Central or perhaps Pennsylvania Railroad. He had to go back and forth daily from Cleveland to Belle Valley, Ohio for coal I assume. I see the old grades many times along the old US 21 and ha
Name/nickname :   Z
Message :   ...but I saw otherwise) "pulled up" from that route, let us say from New Philadelphia to about down Marietta? One side-note that has always sparked some interest was that when my aunt lived in Cleveland in the 1940's, her neighbor worked for one of t
Name/nickname :   Z
Message :   I live in Ohio and have been traveling across the southern portion of the state, mainly along the old US 21, now Ohio 821. The question I have is, when were PC tracks (they were PC tracks because 'Mapquest' had them listed as such and still live, but I sa
Name/nickname :   penncentralpete
Message :   i live in new jersey and model the PC in 2-rail, o scale. some pix of my efforts appear at this and other sites.
Name/nickname :   Webmaster
Message :   It looks like the Forum-Guestbook only allows a mx. of about 40 or so words. Sorry you all have to split up your posts so much-will look into seeing if we can fix this. Thanks!
Name/nickname :   Z
Name/nickname :   Webmaster
Your Question/Message: :   I regularly took the PC train round trip from Toledo/NYC, generally in a slumbercoach. It was a nice ride, I loved the trip down the Hudson. It wasnt as good as my beloved Century of NYC fame, but it was enjoyable.
Name/nickname :   ANTHONY G
Name/nickname :   Herschel
Your Question/Message: :   Re my query a few minutes ago about the Erie and Ashtabula Division, circa 1900-1910. My email is
Name/nickname :   Herschel
Your Question/Message: :   Anybody know anything about the Erie and Ashtabula Division, circa 1900-1910? Or can you refer me to a source that does? Im trying to determine where the general superintendent of the division would have been headquartered.
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Your Question/Message: :   Jersey City - Does anyone recall the PCs operations between Waldo Avenue Yard and Harsimus Avenue Yard?
Name/nickname :   RPM
Your Question/Message: :   Looking for data and photos of Penn Central GP 38-2 #7941. Later became Conrail #7941 Any thoughts???
Name/nickname :   PC U33B
Your Question/Message: :   Im looking to put together a complete list of the railroads that were on the PC. if anyone can help me put it together, contact me at
Name/nickname :   rahickok
Your Question/Message: :   Grew up around altoona and prr live on SAL now Csx mainlinein SC but still model prr some Wanna do pc where can i get orange P white C decals?
Name/nickname :   Chris Penn
Your Question/Message: :   Hi Everybody, Just to introduce myself. I have modelled PC for some time now [and PRR]in HO. Im in the County of Hampshire in England. Best Wishes.
Name/nickname :   alburn
Your Question/Message: :   Ive got three HO engines and 3 passenger cars (all PC) that I got in the mid seventies as a kid. They have been in storage all this time until now. I am new to the site, but can I get more info? Did PC actually run a passenger service?
Name/nickname :   Joe
Your Question/Message: :   I am trying to find a track diagram of the railyard and ferry facilities at Mackinaw City, Michigan. Have been unsucessful so far and any help is much appreciated.
Name/nickname :   Ron
Your Question/Message: :   I am seeking info about PC265 an E8. What was the NYC number and do photos exist? Thanks. Ron


Message :   Hi! Please feel free to post your PC-related topics in here. (For now we cannot classify the posts in certain PC Catergories, so please post as normal for now.) Any PC info, questions, answers are welcome. Thanks!

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