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This page will mainly focus on the PRR in it's later years on up to the PC merger.

Facts About the Pennsylvania RR:

The PRR's lines

MAP Of The PRR:(coming soon)

The Beginning ( ):

Most Prosperous Times-The 19 :

Troubled Times, But Help Arrives:

A Dark Future Ahead, But A Major Change Approaching ( ):

A New Final Change, With A New Name (late 1960's-on into PC):

Final Thoughts About The PRR:

Many people feel that the PRR brought the PC down, because most of the corrupt management came from the PRR. Still others say that if it wasn't for the PRR, the NYC didn't have a chance, due to the other railroads in the East during the 1960's merger talks, did not want to merge with the NYC. Whatever the reasons or opinions, fans of the PRR will always defend this railroad. Also interesting to note is that it wasn't only the NYC and NH who had financial problems towards the end, and on into the new PC 1968 merger. The PRR also had financial troubles while going into the PC merger.


Some info about the red/brown paint PRR used on their locomotives that could still be found still in PRR paint long into the PC. PRR used both a Tuscan Red tinted paint (that tended to faded to a purplish color), and also used a more Brown tinted color used on their A and B units.

Also the same can go for their DGLE/Brunswick Green paint used on their other locomotives. This green paint had variations in tint as well, weathered, or not. Some tints looked more black, and others looked more of a green tint. When most of their DGLE/Brunswick colored locos faded/weathered, a lot turned a chalky yellow-light green-gray. Check out photos. Some photos CAN be an accurate source for color tints regardless what some people may say. (Who says only PC had dirty locos? PRR had very dirty locos just as much!)



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More Info About PC's Predecessor/Parent (NYC, NH, PRR)And Subsidiary RR's (DT&I, P&E, P&LE, IHB, CASO, etc.)

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