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  This page is for information about any equipment or other PC-related sightings.


-In PA:

-In NJ:

-In NY:

-In OH:

-There is/was a PC transfer caboose down in Nelsonville, OH being restored as of 2006 or so.

-Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's, you could still see a number of abandoned PC box cars (along with NYC, EL, CR, PRR) in a small abandoned CR-ex-PC (PRR) yard that ran about parallel along the north side of N&W's Joyce Ave. Yard in Columbus, OH. This yard was called PENNOR YARD. The box cars looked to have been put there some years ago per the small trees growing inside the tracks near the box cars.

-Witnessed a PC GP7 or GP9 with the logos on the noses switching opened (no side panels) auto carriers in a small siding across from the depot in Orrville, OH, from in the early 1980's.

-Use to see a number of PC, NYC, PRR box cars and other freight cars on CR trains in the early 1990's, going by the ex-PC station in Sandusky, OH. There use to be a number of mixed up coal hopper cars still in full PC paint and markings in the ex-PC yard there at that time as well.

-In IN:

-In KY:

-In Canada:

(more to be added later to this page as time permits and things come around)




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