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(This page is presently not finished, and more things will be added at different times as information/pics are found)

This page contains information about various items used on the Penn Central. More items will be listed periodically.


From the start of the merger (1968), the Penn Central had many different types of lanterns. Starting with Dressel and Adlake kerosene metal lanterns with different colors of glass globes (red, yellow, clear, blue, green). These lanterns usually were just left unpainted and polished.

In the late 1960's/early 1970's came the metal kind that ran on 1 lantern battery. The body was usually metal, painted a dark yellow, with an aluminum handle (some had a rubber coating on the handle, some not). Most likely this type was brought over from the NYC because the NYC had these same types of lantern towards the late 1960's as well. A selector switch was towards the base that gave the option of having 1 or 2 lights on. Most of these had no markings on them at all.

In the 1970's, they went to an all plastic battery lantern (body and base ring). These usually had no markings on them and were a plastic unpainted orange color. They had an aluminum handle usually.


The PC had at least 2 types of first aid kits. 1 was an all metal case, painted white. with some kind of PC markings on the door/lid. They also had most commonly a kind in a small orange cardboard box, with PC markings on the outside. These usually contained bandages, and topical.


Throughout the PC system, they had many uses for different type of containers or cans. Most had a "PC" or PC logo pressed into them somewhere on the side or top, mostly nonpainted.

Here's an example of a typical PC watering can made out of galvanized metal:

Here's a metal oil can:

Here's another but smaller oil can:

PC had journal box type cans as well, with a long spout.

Another smaller oil can:


The PC has the need for locks to be used on switches, lockers, doors, or whatever needed added security. Some were made out of brass, others steel. Usually they had "PC" or "PC RR" somewhere stamped on the front, back, or the latch part of the lock. What goes along with the locks of course are the keys. Most were made from brass, with a "P C RR" stamped onto the head. Be aware of counterfeits out there though.

Here's an example of a PC lock:

An example of a PC key:


PC had a lot of items that were given to PC employees as appreciation gifts, or were available at conventions, meetings, for executives, or found in PC passenger cars for passengers to use.


1 common type of item would be the ashtray. Some were made of thick glass crystal, with a logo printed in the center. Others were made of light pressed aluminum, with the PC logo pressed into the center, both made in silver and gold colors. These were usually found on passenger trains.


What railroad would not be complete without the use of timetables. PC had a timetable for every region within its system (Northern, Southern, New Haven regions, etc.). They were used to help let train crew members know of speed restrictions, mile poles, listed cities, rules, etc.


Envelopes, letterheads, switch slips, bad order tags, etc., all used in many departments of the railroad had PC logos, or the name printed on them: Below are some examples:





These were used to help keep the workers' pant legs tight around the ankle area to prevent the pant leg from getting caught in equipment, etc., for safety.

Most of these items can be found at flea markets or museums, and they had a lot of these, since the PC was a very large railroad at the time.

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