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This Forum is for the discussion of PC-related topics, related to historical, modeling, restoration, operation-related topics. Someone else may have the answer to your PC-related questions, so please give it a try.

[Please Note: -This site and forum cannot provide information relating to actual PC, NYC, NH, PRR, and PC's subsidiaries past employees, employee records, legal issues, and the like; -Please no abusive/offensive postings(flames); -The webmaster has the right to delete/not allow any posts in the forum; -This an open-public forum, so you must use your own discretion to enter it.]


The forum mainly works like a "sign-guest-book", by using the link below for either posting or viewing messages left by visitors (this site's forum cannot automatically email you when new posts are left by visitors, so please keep checking back). * Please limit your posts to a max. of about 40 words (sorry, Yahoo Forums makes this limitation beyond our control. You could try sending more than 1 post if need be to split up your longer posts). *

+ There will be a delay before your forum message will be posted, but will be posted as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for using the forum, hope it helps your PC research, and keep checking back. +

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