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  Thoughts On The Train Hobby:
Many of us in the model train hobby have noticed how over the years things have changed. We now have much better and accurate models, but also much higher prices. Prices, like anything go up in time (some go down like electronics, etc.), but anymore, prices in this hobby have become outrageous. It has gotten so out of hand that people get out of the hobby, and kids these days would rather get into video games or other things that tend to be less expensive.
If stores, manufacturers don't do something about the greed with the prices, the hobby will shrink to very low numbers eventually. This also includes prices they have to pay to get into model train shows (now mostly called "toy shows" to try and get a larger attendance, which is a disgrace to the hooby for the real- scaled modelers- keep the tpys with the tpy shows, and the models with the model shows). The admisison fees have become overly-inflated as well (and some even charge for parking as an additional fee), by greed. If they continue to raise prices, no one will want to attend. So just a thought if people want to keep the hobby alive, it should not be controlled by greed.




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