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N&W RY.- Norfolk and Western Railway




  This website is dedicated to a past, and great American Railroad, the N&W, or Norfolk and Western Railway (1838-1982), & contains very useful information for modelers, restorers, historians, railfans, & anyone else interested in the N&W. Enjoy, & visit us again. Please click on the following links to proceed:


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N&W's Predecessor/Parent(NKP, Wabash, P&WV, AC&Y, IT, Virginian) and Subsidiary Railroads, and Other Related Companies

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*[PLEASE NOTE- This site has NO access to information about past N&Wl RR (including the Nickel Plate, AC&Y, Illinois Terminal, Virginian, Pittsburgh & West Virginia, or NS) employees, records, stocks, insurance policies, retirement info, legal situations or documents, who to contact, land owned by the ex-N&W, nor any other related information. This is a privately-made/owned website only made to help preserve the history of the N&W, mainly for historians, hobbyists, railfans, and railroad modelers, and has NO affiliation nor connection with the real company/companies (such as NS) that now own or has connections with the ex-N&W, and its subsidiary railroad companies. This site cannot answer any of those related questions. This site is also not affiliated with any other N&W RR site.]

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