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  Amtrak's Routes

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Facts About Amtrak:



The Beginning (1972):

Amtrak (which stands for "American"-"Track") was formed on May 1st, 1971 by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (NRPC) to help relieve passenger service from most American Railroads. Amtrak is presently owned by the US government. This was because most of the passenger services were losing profits for the railroads. Amtrak basically was formed out of Penn Central because the PC had most of the US's passenger train miles and equipment. Most of Amtrak's passenger equipment also came from PC in the very beginning.



Most Prosperous Times-.

Out of Amtrak's whole history, its most profitable times have been recently, due to high fuel costs, and especially the diminishing quality of air travel.



Troubled Times, But Help Arrives:



A Dark Future Ahead, But A Major Change Approaching (1950s-60s):



A New Change, With A New Look (late 19's-Present):

Amtrak decided to do some marketing changes to help it's financial situation. They started with changing the "reversed arrow" logo and paint schemes on 2000. Followed was new equipment. Today, Amtrak operates it's passenger train service on 21,000 miles of track that are owned by other railroads in the States. Amtrak runs in 46 states, connecting 500 destinations, including some in Canada.


  Final Thoughts About Amtrak:

Amtrak started out with a rocky beginning, inheriting troubled passenger service from most of America's railroads. It also went through years of ups and downs caused by American gov. legislation, changes in transportation needs, etc. These days things seem to be changing for the better. With the higher costs of fuel, more people are taking the train. If the costly fuel prices continue, Amtrak will catch on even more, and people will start to realize how important this company really is to our everyday travel and possibilities in this country.



Paint Schemes of Amtrak:

Amtrak started out using a lot of Penn Central equipment (both passenger and locomotive), with the PC markings unchanged. As Amtrak bought more equipment from other railroads, they too carried their pred. schemes until Amtrak adopted the red, white, and blue striped scheme. This scheme was used on all new and eventually re-painted equipment.

Amtrak's first LOGO was what some have called the "reversed arrow", which is blue and red, with a thin white line. This logo was used from 1971 to 2000, when it changed it's paint shemes and logos to a more modern look.


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FA1/Alco .


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